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List of Gujarat State level registered Mfg, Dealers, importers or technicians of USG/Imaging machines Download Pdf(195KB)
Download Biometric Attendance Software setup Download Pdf(145mb)
Download PAC file for VPNoBB Download Pdf(728kb)
CoH Common PPT format Download Pdf(135kb)
Medical Officer Class-II NOC Prescribe Form Download Pdf(1.60mb)
Website updation Circular dated 26-2-2014 Download Pdf(164kb)
System Manager's Recruitment Guideline for GHMIS at Hospitals Download Pdf(186kb)
Presentation on Selected Indicators Based on DLHS-III (2007-08) and DLHS-II (2002-04) Download PPT(1mb)
Performance of Public Health & Family Welfare Services in Selected Districts of Gujarat Download Pdf(1,053kb)
UNFPA Reports - State of World Population 2005 Download Pdf(6mb)
Manual for Family Planning Insurance Scheme 2005 Download Pdf(139kb)
Strengthening Partnerships for Health Download Pdf(64kb)
White paper on How to Make a Good Doctor ? Download Pdf(177kb)
White paper on Patients' Views of the Good Doctor Download Pdf(168kb)
White paper on How can Good Performance Among Doctors be Maintained ? Download Pdf(166kb)
White paper on Putting Improvement at the Heart of Healthcare Download Pdf(64kb)
Presentation on Female Foeticide Download PPT(775kb)
Prevention of Hospital-acquired Infections Download Pdf(406kb)
Quality in Infection Control (Presentation) Download PPT(16mb)
Fumigation in Operation Theatres (Presentation) Download PPT(7mb)
Study of Surgical Site Infection (Presentation) Download PPT(98kb)
Role of Administrator in Infection Control (Presentation) Download PPT(13mb)
Book of Accreditation System for Health Facilities Download Pdf(726kb)
Hospital Accreditation in India Download Pdf(171kb)
Licensing & Accreditation of Hospitals Initiatives, in India Download Pdf(39kb)
Licensing and Certification, Definitions & Characteristics Download Pdf(19kb)
Standards for Hospitals Download Pdf(43kb)
Organisational Framework for Hospital Accreditation System in India Download Pdf(407kb)
Recommendation of The Committee "On Rules and Regulations for Granting Licence to Private Hospitals/Nursing Home and Treatment Centres in Gujarat State" Download Pdf(82kb)
Model Draft Bill for Setting up of Health Facilities Download Pdf(150kb)
Health Sector Reform-Gujarat Download Pdf(175kb)
Manual for Medical Officers Download Pdf(449kb)
About The Doctor In The 21st Century Download Pdf(71kb)
Psychosocial Support For Tsunami Affected Population In India Download Pdf(777kb)
Manuals for Training Community Level Workers (CLWs) Download Pdf(334kb)
Manual for Facilitators Download Pdf(319kb)
Hand Book for Field Workers Download Pdf(63kb)
Manual For Helping Children And Adolescents Download Pdf(3mb)
Manual for Prevention and Management of Alcohol Abuse Download Pdf(579kb)
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Intervention in Vulnerable
Population Affected by Disasters
Download Pdf(354kb)
TTK Hospital Hand Book Download Pdf(63kb)
The Contribution of Primary health care to the Millennium Development Goals (Dr Margaret Chan) Download Pdf(24kb)
Leptospirosis Manual (In Accordance With National Guidelines NCDC & Department of Medicine, GMC, Surat Download Pdf(271kb)
Skills Lab Operational Guidelines Download Pdf(634kb)
Compilation and Analysis of Case Laws on PCPNDT Act Download Pdf(2.14mb)
Revised Office Order for System Administrator & Deputy System Administrator Various ICT based applications Download Pdf(212kb)
Public Health Action Download Pdf(265kb)
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