Equipment and Machinery

Blood Bank Equipments

For Blood Collection Room

  • Donor beds or tables : it shall be suitably and comfortable cushioned and shall be of appropriate size
  • Bed slide table
  • Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope
  • Refrigerators- maintaining temperatures between 4 to 6 degrees C with recording thermometer and alarm device.
  • Weighing machine

Hemoglobin Determination

  • Copper Sulphate Solution (specific gravity 1.053)
  • Sterile Lancet
  • Capillary Tubing (1.3 to 1.4 *65 mm or paster pipettes)
  • Rubber Bulbs for Capillary Tubings
  • Sahei's Hemoglobin meter/Colorimetric method

Temperature and Pulse Determination

  • Clinical thermometers
  • Equipments and material for aseptic cleaning of the thermometer
  • Watch (fitted with a second-hand needle)

Blood Containers

  • Disposable plastic packs (closed system) as per the specification of USP
  • Blood Collection Bottles.540 ml graduated capacity of upto 500ml. Graduation mark provided with two rows in opposite direction indicate intervals of 50ml. From 0 to 500 ml

  • Anti-coagulant solution shall be sterile, pyrogen free and of composition that will ensure satisfactory safety and efficacy of the Whole Human Blood and all the separate Human Blood Components
  • Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution (CPD) or citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine-1 (CPD-1)- 14 ml. Solution shall be required for 100 ml of blood. In case of Double Triple Blood Collection Bags used for blood components preparation, CPDA, blood collection bags may be used. NAME OF MFR. & B. no. of product in use
  • Acid Citrate dextrose solution (A.C.D.& formula A) I.P/Grade - 15 ml. Solution shall be required for 100 ml. of blood

Note: The License shall ensure that the anticoagulant bottles/packs conform to the standard laid down in I.P./U.S.P.

Blood Transfusion Sets

  • Sterile disposable sets with filters and Plastic spike shall only be used

Emergency Equipments

  • Oxygen cylinder with Mask, (Gauge and Pressure Regulator)
  • 5 Percent Glucose or normal saline
  • Disposable Sterile Syringes and Needle of various sizes
  • Disposable Sterile I.V.infusion set


  • Medium cotton balls, 1.25 cms. adhesive taps

Laboratory Equipments

  • Refrigerators maintaining a temperature of 40 to 60C with Recording Thermometer. The refrigerator shall have temperature recording and alarm device
  • Compound Microscope with low and high power objectives
  • Centrifuge (Table model)
  • Incubator with thermostatic control
  • Mechanical shakers for serological tests for syphilis
  • Hand lens for observing tests conducted in tubes
  • Serological graduated pipettes of various sizes
  • Pipettes (Pasture)
  • Glass slides
  • Test tubes of various sizes/micrometer plates (U or V type)
  • Precipitating tubes 6mm * 50mm glass beakers of different sizes
  • Test tubes of different specifications
  • Interval timer electric or spring wound
  • Equipment and material for cleaning glassware adequately
  • RPHA/ELISA Test kits with Reader for Hepatitis
  • Washing bottles, filter papers
  • Plan and EDTA Vials
  • ELISA Reader, Washer and micropipettes for HIV antibodies testing (in case HIV antibodies Testing is done by ELISA Kits)


  • Standard blood Grouping sera. Anti-A and Anti-B and Anti-B all in double quality and each of different brand or if from the same suppliers each suppliers each supply should be different lot numbers. Anti-A Ranbany- L.No: 26010150, Exp: 11/2002 Anti-B Ranbany- L.No: 102 Fo1-ow Exp: 6/2003
  • Rh typing sera: All in double quality and each of different brand or if from the same supplier each supply be different lot numbers. Ranbany - Lt.No: DMLD- 0301 - A, Exp: 12/2002
  • Regents for serological tests for syphilis and positive sera for control. Spinrcact -L.No. 076 Exp: 4/2002
  • Anti Human Globulin Serum (Coombs serum). Ortho-clinical- Lot No: RM 439 D, Exp: 2/2002
  • Albuin 20 percent to 30 percent for tests/Enzymes Tulip B.No: V-022, 4/2001, 3/2004
  • 0.9 percent Saline M.P- Bio. Lab- L.No: 1437 T, 10/2000, 3/2002 ACV- Lno. 62 E/D- 8/2002
  • Culture media and tubes
  • Wax pencils and tubes
  • RPHA ELISA for Hepatitis. Bio kit - L. No. : H-1001, Exp: 7/2002
  • Detergents and other agents for cleaning laboratory glasswares
  • Elisa Kits/Rapid diagnostic Kits in case the license opt for HIV antibodies testing. Lab. System - L.No: 104 ok 2-1, Exp 4/2002


Blood Donor Register : Indicating

  • Serial number
  • Date of Bleeding
  • Name of Donor with particulars
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Hemoglobin
  • Blood Pressure
  • Medical Examination
  • Signature of Medical Officer Bleeding the Donor
  • Bottle bag number
  • Patient's detail for donated in case of recipient donation
  • Remarks on donation

Blood Stock Register : Indicating

  • Bottle bag number
  • Date of collection
  • Date of Expiry
  • Quantity in ml
  • ABO.Rh Group
  • Result for Testing of HIV
  • Malaria
  • V.D.R.L.
  • Hepatitis
  • B Surface Antigen
  • Irregular Antibodies (if any)
  • Name of Door with Particulars
  • Utilization Issue Number
  • Components Prepared or Discarded
  • Certified by Medical Officer In charge

Group stock register shall be maintained

Note : similar records shall be made for Blood components

Issue Register : Indicating

  • Serial Number
  • ABO/Rh Group
  • Group of Recipient
  • Unit/institution
  • Date and Time of Issue
  • Total Quantity in ml
  • Details of Cross Matching
  • Report
  • Bottle Number
  • Name of the Recipient
  • Indication for Transfusion

Particulars of product supplied (Whole Human Blood, Red Cell/Platelet concentrates, cryprecipiates etc.). quantity supplied, compatibility report, signature of issuing persons

Register for A.C.D./C.P.D./CPD-A, bottles/bags giving

  • Details of firm
  • Date of Supply
  • Batch Number
  • Result of Testing

Register of Diagnostic Reagents used

  • Name of the reagents details of batch number and date old supply and date of use
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