Functional Delivery Points in State of Gujarat

Functional Delivery Points are those Public Health facilities which are providing delivery services above a minimum benchmark identifies by Govt. of India; as follows:

Sr. No. Type of facility Minimum benchmark for functional delivery points
1 Sub Centres >3 deliveries/month
2 Primary Health Centres (PHC) > 10 deliveries /month
3 Community Health Centres (CHC)-Non FRU > 10 deliveries /month
4 Community Health Centres (CHC)- FRU > 20 deliveries /month
5 Other FRU including Sub District Hospital, Municipal Corporation Hospital and Grant-in-aid hospitals > 20 deliveries /month
6 District Hospital > 50 deliveries /month
7 Medical College Hospital > 50 deliveries /month
8 Accredited Private Health Facility > 10 deliveries /month

Gaps in the identified functional delivery points to be assessed and filled through prioritized allocation of the necessary resources in order to ensure quality of services and provision of comprehensive RMNCH+ (Reproductive Maternal Neonatal and Child Health) services at these facilities.

Functional delivery points need to be strengthened first in terms of infrastructure, HR, Training, Equipments etc so that the full complement of RMNCH+ services are provided.

Maximal utilization of the resources for provision of comprehensive RCH services i.e. MH, CH, FP, ARSH should be in place at these functional delivery points.

Regular performance monitoring of the identified functional delivery points must be done.

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