Mamta Abhiyan

Mamta Abhiyan is an approach to strengthening comprehensive out reach RCH Services. It aims at preventive, pro-motive and Curative services through convergence with ICDS and participation of community.

There are Four Components of Mamta Abhiyan

  • Mamta Divas (Health and Nutrition Day)
  • Mamta Mulakat (Post natal care visit)
  • Mamta Sandarbh (Referral and Services)
  • Mamta Nondh (Record and Reports)

Mamta Abhiyan is one of the major approach towards reaching the goal of reduction of Maternal mortality from present 172 to 100. Infant mortality from 50 to 30 and total fertility rate from 2.4 to 2.1 by 2010.

Mamta Divas (Health and Nutrition Day)

Mama diva is a fix day, fix site, preventive, pro-motive health care service center for mother and child population or village per month.

All pregnant women, Brest feeding women, under five children are beneficiaries of this session. Services provided through this session including growth health check up, immunization, primary treatment, referral and counseling services. These services are provided by a team of health worker, ICDS workers, Kishori Shakti Yojana, girls, Mahila Swasthya Sangh representative and FNGO / MNGO representative.

Individual health growth and services record is maintained in revised register 4 – 5 and Mamta Card for beneficiary and for a center.

During monthly visit weight gain of pregnant women and children is measured and recorded in growth chart. This facilitates identification of defaulters in adequate weight gain for appropriate intervention and counseling.

General and specific health check up of ANC and Child Health is done for early detecting prompt treatment and timely referral. Here integrated Management of Antenatal, Postnatal, Neonatal and Child Health Services is practiced.

Vaccination of Mother and Child is done for all vaccine included under National Immunization Program. Prophylactic and therapeutic drug for preventive and primary Reproductive and Child Health Care are available at this center and are provided to the beneficiaries.

Pregnant woman is counseled during her visit for institutional delivery and her birth plan is recorded, here beneficiary status of Janani Suraksha Yojana, Chiranjivi Yojana and here future family planning service needs are also recorded in advance for consequent follow up and adequate coverage.

Breast feeding mother is counseled for Exclusive Brest feeding timely complementary feeding and immunization for her child and for micro nutrient supplement, diet and family planning services for herself.

Mamta Mulakat (Post Natal Care Visit)

Mamta mulakat is a home visit on 1st, 3rd and 7th day after delivery for preventive pro-motive health care and timely referral of sick mother and child to prevent neonatal and maternal mortality in this critical phase.

Mamta Mulakat micro plan is prepared by local team of ICDS, Health and ASHA workers. These workers are trained for health monitoring, early detection of complications and timely referral for secondary / tertiary care.

Mamta Mulakat also provides an opportunity to measure birth weight of new born, borne at home, Support and counseling for breast feeding initiation, counseling and support for timely medical care services for mother and child, home based hypothermia management and counseling and support for micro nutrient supplement immunization and family planning.

Mamta Sandarbh (Referral and Services)

Mamta Sandarbh Service is the development and mapping of fix day, fix site, referral services for ANC, PNC, ENBC and RTI – STI. In every bloc minimum one such center is developed with the services of public or private consultants with adequate drug available, with transport facilitation and proper record.

Mamta Nondh (Record and Reports)

Record and reports of RCH services are important to monitor coverage and quality of RCH services. A comprehensive individual recording of health status and health services with antenatal registration tracked up to the 3 years age of the child is done through register 4 – 5. All health monitoring and health service record are maintained on Mamta Card given to mother. This card also includes health education message for mother and child health care facilitating self learning of mother with even minimum educational level. Mamta card copy of the center provides an opportunity for maintenance of record of health status and services and also facilitates mobilization of beneficiaries for immunization to ensure timely and complete immunization.

Mamta Abhiyan is supported to be a strong base for a pyramid of Reproductive and Child Health services model and it is important to develop a good quality skill based home and outreach services to all the beneficiaries through adequate supportive supervision.

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