Papers Published and Presented at Conference


Name of the Article Author Name of the Journal
01 The identity of Ayurvedic Market Drugs Part I-A,Nagakeshara (Mesua Ferrea L.) Miss. S. Satakopan
P.J. Thomas
Nagarjun 1967, x, 9, pp. 461 – 467
02 The identity of Ayurvedic Market Drugs Part I-B,Nagakeshara (Ochrocarpus longifolius) B & H Miss. S. Satakopan
P.J. Thomas
Nagarjun 1967, XI, 2,
pp. 67 – 72
03 The identity of Ayurvedic Market Drugs Part I-C Nagakeshar (Cinnamomum Sps.) Miss. S. Satakopan
P.J. Thomas
Nagarjun 1967, XI, 474
04 The identity of Ayurvedic market Drugs Part II Bavchi (Ocimum basilicum L.) Miss. S. Satakopan
Miss. S. R. Raval
Nagarjun 1967x, 12,
pp. 646 – 650
05 Vegetation of Gujarat and prospects for Cultivation of Medicinal, Plants. Miss. S. Satakopan Souvenir, Indian Pharmaceutical Congress,Ahmedabad,
06 Identification of Cannabis in Seizure Sample J.P.Ganatra
Miss. S. Satakopan
M.A. Patel
M.R. Shastri
Paper presented at the XX Indian Pharmaceutical Congress,Ahmedabad,
1969 Ind.J.of Pharmacy, 1969, 31,4,pp.101-103
07 Note on an Adulterant of vasaka. Miss. S. Satakopan
P.J. Thomas
Ind. J. of Pharmacy, 1970, 32, 3, pp.66-67
08 Extraneous Matter in Commerical Samples of Ayurvedic Formulations. P.J. Thomas
Miss. S. Satakopan
Paper presented at the XXII Indian pharmaceutical Congress,Manipal,1972,
Ind.J.of Pharmacy-1972
32,132 (Abstract)
09 Identity and Market Quality of Selected Ayurvedic Crude Drugs. Miss. S. Satakopan Paper presented at 1st Scientific Seminar on Ayurvedic Research’ Central Council for Ayurvedic Research, Ministry of health, New Delhi, 1972.
10 A Report on Four Commercial Samples of Triphala Churna. H.J.Thakar
Miss S.Satakopan,
Indian Drugs, 1976,
4,1, pp. 13-16.
11 Diagnostic Keys for Ayurvedic Powdered Crude Drugs. B.R.Patel
Smt.I. P.Bhatt
Miss S. Satakopan.
Indian Drugs, 1977,14,pp. 201-206
12 Evaluation of Vasavaleha. H.J.Thakar
Miss S.Satakopan.
Indian Drugs,1978,15,6, pp. 107-111.
13 Analysis of Ayurvedic Mineral Preparations using
The Ring oven Technique.
(1) Identification of Metallic lons in Vasantakusumakara Rasa.
Paper presented at 29th
Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Waltair,1977.
14 Controls of Ayurvedic Drugs in Gujarat. Miss S.Satakopan. Souvenir-31st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress,1979, Baroda.
15 Key for the identification of Ashoka powder B.R.Patel
Miss S. Satakopan
Paper presented at 3rd Annual Research Seminar, Gujarat Ayurvedic Uni.Jamshedpur,1978. Indian Drugs 1979,17,3, pp. 67
16 Hygiene in Ayurvedic Preparations. P.J. Thomas
Miss. S. Satakopan
Indian Drugs,1980,17,6, pp. 170-172
17 Identification of Ingredients in Sitopaladi churna Mrs.M.M. Jani
Miss S.Satakopan
Indian Drugs 1980,17,10,pp. 311-314.
18 Identification of Semiprecious Minerals of Ayurvedic Importance Using Polarised light microscopy Miss S. Satakopan Indian Drugs 1981,
18,7, pp.253-257.
19 Identification of Ingredients in Indigenous compound Formulations Part-I Avipattikara Churna –do- Part-II Bhaskaralvana Churna.
-do- Part-III Chemical Analysis of Avipattikara and Bhaskaralavana Churnas
P.J. Thomas
Miss S. Satakopan
Miss S.Satakopan
H.J. Thakar
J.P. Ganatra
Miss S.Satakopan.
Indian Drugs, 1984,21,7, pp. 281-285.
-do- pp.286-290.
pp. 291
20 Microbiological Status of Ayurvedic Eye Drops. Mrs.S.N.Bhatt
The Eastern Pharmacist 1984,XXVII, 324, pp. 147-148
21 A Report on the Drug Composition of Bal Chamcha P.J. Thomas
J.P. Ganatra
H.J. Thakar
Nagarjun 1985 XXVIII 10 & 11 pp. 3 – 6.
22 Identification of Ingredients in Hingvastaka Churna P.J. Thomas
H.J. Thakar
Indian Drugs, 1986 23,11 pp. 585-589
23 Application of the Ring Oven Technique in the Analysis of Ayurvedic Mineral Formulations. Mrs. I.P.Bhatt
Miss S. Satakopan
R.C. Mehta
Indian Drugs 1988
25,11, pp. 446 – 453
24 Identification of Botanical Ingredients in " Talisadi Churna” P.J.Thomas Presented at 36th Ind . Pharm. Congress, Banglore Dec. 1984.
25 Identification of Ingredients in’Panchaksar Churna’ B.R.Patel
Presented at 38th Ind . Pharm. Congress, Ahmedabad, Dec. 1986.
26 Identification of Ingredients in ‘Lavangadivati’ Smt. M.M.Jani
Presented at 38th Ind . Pharm. Congress, Ahmedabad, Dec 1986.
27 "Chemosystemtics of Some
members of Rubiacea
P.J.Thomas Presented at 73rd Ind .Science Congress New Delhi. Jan 1986.
28 Chemical and Pharmacognostic studies on
Gardenia gum (Dikamali)
P.J.Thomas Presented at 74th Ind. Science Congress, Bangalore, Jan. 1987.
29 Pharmacognostic evaluation of Bal Chatur bhadrika Churna Smt. M.M.Jani
Presented at 40th Ind Pharm. Congress, Calcutta. Dec. 1988.
30 Pharmacognosticevaluation Ajmodadi churna B.R.Patel
Presented at 41st Ind. Pharm. Congress at Bombay Dec. 1989.
31 Rudanti : A Pharmacognostic study – cressa cretica Linn. Miss S .Satakopan
G.K. Karandikar
J. of Science & Indl. Research, 1961, Vol. 20C NO .5, pp.156-160


Sr No. Name of the Article Author Name of the Journal
01 Determination of Iodine in Organic combination in Pharmaceutical Preparations. M.R. Shastri N.R. Patel A.M. Dudhwala Paper read at the xi Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Lucknow-1959. Ind. J. of Phar. 1959 XXI 84 Abst.
02 Spectrophotometric Estimation of Ephedrine Hydrochloride and codeine Phosphate M.R.Shastri N.R.Patel Paper read at the XII Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Ahmedabad. Ind. J. of Phar-1960 XXII 78 (Abst)
03 Standardisation of Pharmaceutical Specialities. M.R.Shastri Paper read at the XIII Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Delhi. Ind. J. of Pharmacy, 1961, 23,50 (Abst)
04 Some Observation on Pharmacological Actions of Lead Nitrate administered Intravenously. M.A.Patel Report of the Commission of Inquiry, Govt. of Gujarat 13th Aug : 1963.
05 Pyrogens M.A.Patel D.C.A Bulletin Gujarat State 1964,3,7
06 Study of Local Anaesthetic Activity irritancy, Toxicity and Antispasmodic Activity of two synthetic Lignocaine M.A.Patel Ind. J. of Pharmacy 1965, 27, 281-285
07 Pyrogens and Pyrogens Testing Laboratory M.A.Patel J. of Ind. Pharma. Mafrr. 1966, 3, 10.
08 An Inquiry into the poisoning with Lead Nitrate in Experimental animals. M.A.Patel Ind. J. Med. Res. 1966 54, 196-207
09 Preliminary Communication of local Anaesthetic Activity of a new series of Synthetic Lignocaine Analogues. M.A.Patel Antiseptic 1966, 63,957
10 C.N.S.Drugs M.A.Patel D.C.A. Bulletin Gujarat State 1966-6, 7.
11. Pyrogens : The Drugs of fevers. M.A.Patel Science Reporter 1966 3, 216
12 Preliminary Investigation of Local Anaesthetic Activity of New Series of synthetic Lignocaine Analogues. M.A.Patel Jour. Of Ind. Medical Profession 1966,13,5,pp. 5801,5810.
13 Preliminary Pharmacological Study of Clerodendron Inerme M.A.Patel Nagarjun, 1967 X,5, pp. 204 - 210
14 Studies on Lignocaine Analogues- Part-II : Evaluation of Local Anaesthetic Activity irritancy, Toxicity and their effects on smooth Muscles. M.A.Patel Paper presented at the XVIII Indian Pharmaceutical congress, Bombay 1966. Ind. J. of Pharmacy 1967. 29,8, pp. 223 – 227
15 Six Lignocaine Analogues. A Review of the Investigations of the Pharmacological Actions of new Series of Synthetic local Anaesthetics. M.A.Patel The Licentiate 2967 17, 3, pp. 81 – 91.
16 Colorimetric Determination of Mepyramine Maleate. J.P. Ganatra M.R.Shastri R.C. Mehta Ind. J. of Pharmacy, 1968 30,3, pp. 67 - 68
17 Local Anaesthetic Activity irritancy and toxicity of seven new synthetic lignocaine Analogues. M.A.Patel Ind. J. Physiol and Pharmacol. 1968, 12, 4.
18 Comparative study of Chemical & Biological Methods of Estimation of Nor Adrenaline in Injection. M.A.Patel Paper presented at the XIX Indian Pharma. Congress 1967, Hyderabad. Ind.J.of Pharm.1968, 30,8, pp.183 – 185.
19 Evaluation of New Local Anaesthetics. B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Indian Drugs 1968, 5,61
20 Detection of Essential Oils in Pharmaceutical formulation by T.L.C. R.D.Deodhar R.C.Mehta M.R.Shashtri Paper presented at the XXth Indian Pharma. Congress,A’bad,1969.
21 Paticulate Contamination in Parenterals. Miss.S.Satakopan Proceeding of the IV all Indian Drug & Pharma. Mfrr. Conference, Baroda 1969
22. Identification of Contaminating Particulate matter in Parenteral Preparations. Miss.S.Satakopan Ind. J. of Pharmacy, 1969, 31, 4, pp.95-97-
23 Studies on Lignocaine Analogues for local Anaesthetic Activity. B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Journal of the Indian Medical Profession, 1969,15,12,pp.7080-7083.
24 Study of Analgesic Activity in old samples of pethidine injections. K.M.Bhatt M.A.Patel Paper presented at the XX Indian Pharm. Congress, Ahmedabad, 1969,Ind.J.of Pharm. 1969,31,5,pp.121-124.
25 Studies on Lignocaine Analogues. B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Paper presented at the XX Indian Pharm. Congress,Ahmedabad, 1968. Ind.J.of Pharm. 1969,31,5, pp.117-120.
26 Preliminary Investigation of Oral Hypoglycemic Activity of Sulphonyle Thiourea. M.A.Patel Indian Drugs, 1969,52.
27 Estimetion of Thiacetazone and Isoniazid in Thiacetazone isoniazid Tablets. R.D.Deodhar M.R.Shashtri J.P.Ganatra Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1970, 32,4,pp. 99 –101
28 Evaluation of New Series of Lignocaine Analogues B.M.Patel M.N.Jindal Ind. J. of Pharmacy, 1971, 33,5, pp.86 - 89
29 Anticoagulants M.A.Patel Science Reporter,1971. 8,11,533.
30 Gas-Chromatographic Separation and Quantitative Estimation of camphor in Turpentine Liniment. R.D.Deodhar M.R.Shashtri R.C.Mehta Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1972. 34,3,pp. 62 –64
31 Neuromuscular Actions of Some Newly Synthesized Lignocaine Analogues. K.M.Bhatt H.R.Desasari M.A.Patel Indian Drugs 1972,9,5, pp. 29 -33
32 Pharmacopoeial Test for Histamine like Substances. M.A.Patel Indian Drugs,1972,9,11, 13
33 Antifibrillatory Action of Newly Synthesized Lidocaine Analogue – Compound. M.A.Patel L.M.Lusky S.K.Srensek J.Holmann Paper presented at the XXIII Indian Pharma. Congress, Manipal, 1972. Modern Medicine & Surgeory 1973, 15, pp. 37 – 41.
34. Colorimetric Estimation of 4 Aminophenol in Paracetamol. R.D.Deodhar M.R.Shastri R.C.Mehta Paper presented at the XXIII Indian Pharma. Congress,Manipal,1972. Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1973. 35,4, pp. 120 –121
35 Anticonvulsant Activity of some newly synthesized Thiazolinyl Hydrazone Derivatives. K.M.Bhatt B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Indian Drugs, 1972, 10,3, pp. 9 – 12
36 Colorimetric method for the Estimation of Manadione or Manadione Sodium Bisulphite in Pharmaceutical Preparation. J.C.Patel R.C.Mehta M.R.Shastri Paper presented at the 25th Indian Pharm. Congress, New Delhi, 1973,Ind.J.of Pharm. 1975,37,6,pp.141-143.
37 Toxiciy Test for Antibiotics. K.M.Bhatt M.A.Patel Paper presented at the 25th IndianPharm. Congress,at the New Delhi,1973.Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1974.36,6, pp.133-135.
38 Studies on Lignocaine Analogues. B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Ind.J. of Pharmacy,1975 37,1, pp. 12 – 15
39 Evaluation of Local Anaesthetic Activity of some Synetic Compounds. B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Indian Drugs 1975. 12, 11 & 12 pp.13 – 16
40 Colorimetric Estimation of 4 Amino-phenol in sodium Aminosalicylate and its Pharmaceutical formulation. R.D.Deodhar R.C.Mehta Paper presented at Indian Pharmaceutical Congress,Patna,1975. Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1976 38,5, pp.131-132
41 Bioavailability of Oral Antidiabetic Drugs. N.P.Premanand K.M.Bhatt B.M.Patel M.A.Patel Paper presented at Indian Pharmaceutical Congress,Patna,1975. Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1977. 14,4, pp. 83 – 87.
42 Colorimetric Estimation of Paracetamol/and/or Aspirin in Pharma. Formulations. R.D.Deodhar M.R.Shashtri R.C.Mehta Ind.J.of Pharmacy,1976. 38,1,pp. 18 –21.
43 Development in Pharmacological Testing of New Drugs. M.A.Patel IDMA Bulletin 1976. VII.42.
44 Habit Forming Drugs. M.A.Patel Pharma Times 1977. 9,10, pp. 15 – 19.
45 Quality control of Drugs. M.A.Patel Souvenir, Kerala Pharmacy Graduates Association,1977.
46. Colorimetric Estimation of Phenylephrine Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical formulation. R.D.Deodhar R.C.Mehta Ind. J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1978,40,5, pp. 167 – 169.
47 Colorimetric Estimation of Acetomenaphthone in Pharmaceutical formulation. J.C.Patel R.C.Mehta Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1978,40,4, pp.133 – 135
48 Use of Depleted Cells in calcium Pantothenate Assay. A.G.Shah J.J.Shukla Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1978,40,5, pp. 160 –161.
49 Use of Depleted cells in folic acid assay A.G.Shah J.J.Shukla Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1979,41,2,p.86
50 Estimation of Lysina and Panthenol in Presence of Each other. C.V.Patel V.A.Rana A.G.Shah Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1979,41,2,p.85.
51 Colorimetric Estimation of Prednisolone in Pharmaceutical formulation. R.D.Deodhar R.C.Mehta Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1980,42,4, pp.126 – 127
52 Colorimetric Estimation of Diloxanide Furoate in Pharmaceutical formulation. Mrs. P.P.Shah R.C.Mehta Ind.J.of Pharmaceutical Sciences,1981,43,4, pp.147 – 149.
53 Process Control of Isonidazid & Thiacetazone in Binary Mixture by Relative Analysis. J.C.Patel R.C.Mehta Indian Drugs 1981.18, 10, pp.365 – 367.
54 Colorimetric Estimation Of Analgin in Pharmaceutical Formulation. M.J.Patel R.C.Mehta Indian J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1982, 44,4 pp.77-78.
55 In use Microbiological Status of Market Samples of Allopathic Eye Drops. Mrs. S.N.Bhatt A.G.Shah The Eastern Pharmacist,1983,XXVI 308, pp.197-199
56 Colorimetric Estimation of clofibrate in pharmaceutical Dosage forms. G.S.Shah R.C.Mehta J.P.Ganatra Indian Jr. of Pharm. Sciences 1985. 47, 6, pp.206-207


Sr No. Name of the Article Author Name of the Journal
01 The Quality of Absorbent Cotton Wool Miss S. Satakopan Ind.J. of Pharmacy, 1966, 28, 267.
02 The Quality of Absorbent Gauze Miss S. Satakopan Paper presented at the XIX Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Hyderabad 1967.
03 A Preliminary enquiry into the poor Quality of Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P. Miss S. Satakopan Ind. J. of Pharmacy.1969, 31,6, pp.144-147.
04 The Quality of Fabric Based Surgical Dressings. Miss S.Satakopan. Ind.J. of Pharmacy,
1974, 36,2, pp.36 - 39
05 Storage Effect on Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P Miss S.Satakopan Paper presented at Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Patna 1975.
Ind. J. of Pharmacy,
1976,38,4, pp.106-107
06 Surgical Dressing and Their Quality Control Miss S. Satakopan Ind.J.of Hospital Pharmacy 1978, XV,4, pp.1-4


Sr. No. Name of the Article Author Name of the Journal
1 The United States Pharmacopoeia
(17th Revision)
Miss S. Satakopan.
Ind.J.of Pharmacy, 1966
2 A few Hits on Quality Control Organisation M.R.Shastri The Eastern Pharmacist, 1966,9,100, 71-75.
3 The Animal House at the Drugs Laboratory, Baroda. M.A. Patel LAIS of ICMR, 1967 17,30
4 Ductless Glands in our Body M.A.Patel Science Reporter 196,7,4,510
5 Modification of Intradermal Wheal method. M.A.Patel Paper Presented at the XVII Indian Pharma. Congress 1965 Banaras.
Ind. J. Experimental Biology 1968,6,1,pp.64.
6 Instruments of Quality Control and Research. M.R.Shastri Proceedings of the V All Indian Drugs & Pharma. Mfrr. Conference, Bombay 1969.
7 Some Information on Biological Data of Common Lab. Animals. M.A.Patel LAIS of I.C.M.R. 1971.
8 Keys to the identification of plants remains in Animal Droppings Miss S. Satakopan J. of the Bombay Naatural Society , 1972.
9 Analytical Pharmacognosy A New Approach Miss S. Satakopan Pharma Times, 1972 4,15
10 Housing of Laboratory Animals. M.A.Patel Presented at 1st Scientific Seminar on ‘Care and Management of Lab. Animals in India’by LIAS of ICMR . Mysore.
11 Pharmaceutical Analysis in M.Pharm. Course. M.R.Shastri Presented at Seminar on ‘Pharmacy Education by Indian Pharma. Association,Guj. State Branch, Baroda –1972.
12 Modern Analytical Methods. M.R.Shastri Presented at Seminar on ‘Quality Control and Mfr. of Pharmaceutical’ Organised by Indian Pharma. Association, Tamilnadu Branch at Vellor, 1972.Eastern Pharm. 1972,15,17, pp. 45-51
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